New Year Ideas

This Banana Bread is one I tried to copy from the best Banana Bread I ever had in Hawaii.

I simply guessed it’s ingredients and came up with this: It is pretty similar.

½         cup      Butter, melted
¾         cup      Sugar
4                      Eggs, slightly beaten
3                      Bananas, mashed
1/8  cup          Coffee
2     tsp           Vanilla extract
1 ¼      cup      Whole Wheat Flour or Spelt Flour
½         cup      Almond Meal
1½       tsp       Baking powder
¼         tsp       Baking soda
½         tsp       Salt
¼         tsp       Cinnamon
      Don’t over mix
Bake 45 minutes at 350 degrees
Two loaves 9×4 pans buttered

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