Blue Heron Chocolate Bark

I am playing with chocolate bark. It is easy and most delicious.
This one is a winner, hands down.
                          Serves 8-12
                        1. Melt in double boiler:  
                                                                16 oz  Dark Chocolate Bar 70%
                           The big red chocolate bar from Trader Joes is great.
{Or microwave:  In a medium bowl heat on a low setting (power) at 
30 seconds intervals checking and stirring as chocolate starts to melt. 
Remove from heat before completely melted to avoid burning.}

                          2. Add to chocolate:      
                                                                ½ tsp    Cayenne Powder
                                                                3 drops  Mint, food grade essential oil
                                                                1 pinch  

                          3. While chocolate is melting place all in food electric grinder blender in order given.           
                                                                ½ cup     Pistachio nuts, chopped
                                                                ½ cup     Hazelnuts, chopped
                                                                1/3 cup   Fresh Ginger, minced
                                                                2 Tb        Orange or Lemon zes
                                                                2 oz         Cacao Nibs
Line a flat baking tray with parchment paper and pour melted chocolate, 
spreading it very thin about 1/8 inch thick with a wide spatula.
Before chocolate hardens, scatter the nut mixture all over, pressing down slightly.
Set in the refrigerator to harden. Once hard, take out and break into small odd shaped pieces 
by using the edge of the paper, rolled over. (Touching the chocolate directly will melt it.)

Best to keep refrigerated until ready to eat.

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