Peach Pie with Goat Cheese

    Serves 8
1. Simmer in a large pot:                               
            ¼ cup              Water
            8-10                 Peaches, peeled and cut into small pieces
(Ripe peaches should peel easily.
If not, boil water in a pot and dunk peaches for 20 seconds.)
2. Cook for out 30-45 minutes or until peaches are reduced
to a soupy consistency with soft chunks, stirring every few minutes.
Add at any time:                        
            ½  tsp              Cinnamon
            ½  tsp              Nutmeg
            ½ tsp               Anise
            2 Tbs               Lemon juice 
            1 pinch            Salt
Make the Pie Crust while peaches are cooking:
            Pre heat oven to 350º
3. In a medium bowl combine, mixing with your hand until a coarse crumble:                     
            1½ cups          Almond Flour 
             ¼  cup            Coconut Oil
            1 Tbs               Sugar
            ½ tsp               Salt
            1 Tbs               Water
4. Press dough evenly on bottom and sides of pie dish. Pushing up the sides.
    Bake at 350º for 15 minutes until crust is slightly browned. Let cool.
Pie Filling
5. Spread evenly on crust bottom, not on sides, (it is easier if goat cheese is room temperature):                       
            6 oz                 Goat cheese (1½ cups)
6. Finally pour the cooked peaches (about 3 full cups) over goat cheese, gently spreading.
            Garnish with:  2 pinches        Cinnamon

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