Dover Sole with Ginger Gastrique

Dover Sole with Ginger Gastrique
This is an amazing simple sauce to put over sole or jumbo scallops.
It is well worth the trouble to buy fresh ginger and fresh turmeric.
    Serves 4
1.  When ready to cook, have very fresh at room temp and dry:
                        2 lbs                Sole or (16 Scallops)
2. In a saucepan on low heat, cook for about five minutes until thickens:
                        1 Tbs               Honey
                        2 Tbs               Sherry Vinegar
            Remove to a small bowl and add (to be used over fish when cooked)
                        1 cup               Pomegranate Juice
                        2 Tbs               Ginger, freshly grated (no need to peel before grating)
                        2 Tbs               Turmeric, freshly grated (no need to peel before grating)
3. In a large pan, cut into thin slices and sauté a few minutes until just starting to brown and put aside.
                        1 medium        Leek
                        2 Tbs               Coconut Oil
5. Using the same large pan that you used for the leeks, add oil and sauté, two minutes on one side and one minute on other side
                        2 Tbs               Coconut Oil
                                                Dover Sole*
Once dished out pour sauce over the fish.
Serve over cooked brown rice or cellophane noodles
6. Garish with 1 cup               Pomegranates, fresh
* Scallops
In a large pan place cook seven scallops in two batches.
Cook for 4 minutes, flip and cook until crust starts another 2 to 3 minutes.

Add more oil if needed.

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