Marica’s Truffle

This is a variation on my daughters recipe that she serves on her PaiKu Food truck in Portland OR.

    Makes 60
1. Heat and melt in a double boiler:               
                        32 oz              Dark Chocolate
                        1½ cups          Heavy cream
                        2 tsp                Vanilla
                        8 drops            Bergamot Essential Oil, food grade (optional)
                        8 drops            Lavender Essential Oil, food grade (optional)
                                     (Inspired by the flavored, Earl Grey tea called Paris Fog)
                        1 pinch            Cayenne
                                                Salt to taste
2. Pour onto parchment paper on a cookies sheet, and spread about ½ inch thick
3. Refrigerate
4. Cut into 1 inch squares and roll into balls
5.  Dip in unsweetened cocoa powder

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