Baked Hot Chocolate

Serves 6-8

Serves 8

Preheat Oven to 350º.
1. Melt in double boiler whisk and set aside. Do not over cook.                        
                12 oz       Chocolate, dark, chopped
                8 Tbs      Butter cut into cubes
2. In a medium bowl, whisk until light and fluffy.        
                6                      Eggs
                1+1/2 Tbs        Sugar or more to taste
                1 tsp                 Vanilla
                2 Tbs               Cointreau or Anise
                1 pinch              Cayenne
                1 pinch              Salt
3. Fold into chocolate mixture.
4. Spoon into buttered bake cups.
5. Place cups in bake dish water with water, half way up to baking cups
Bake at 350º for i5 minutes, until tops lose their glossy finish with a delicate crust                                           on top to your touch.

Optional Serve with whipped cream lightly sweetened with Cointreau or Anises

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