Tiramisu for the holidays

I couldn’t resist serving this for Thanksgiving. It was as yummy as it looks,   
made with gluten free Lady Slippers.

Serves 8
                  1. Brew and add:
                                    1 cup                Coffee, Decaf or Mint tea
                                    2 Tbs                Cointreau Liqueurs
                                    6 drops             Anise Essential Oil, if not making ladies Slippers
            2 In a large bowl whip beat:
                                    1 cup                Heavy Coconut or Regular Cream
            3. In another large bowl beat well:
                                     5                     Egg Yokes (optional)
                                    1 cup                Mascarpone
                                    2 tsp                 Vanilla
                                    3 Tbs                Sugar
            4. Fold in whipped cream.
            5. Dip each LadySlipper (look at following recipe on page or ladyfingers) for 1 to2 seconds, into the coffee or tea
            Layout in 9×9 bake dish or pie dish with high sides.

                                     12                     LadySlippers with 6 on bottoms layer.
            6. After placing 6 Ladyfingers as one layer, spread on half the cream mixture.
                Using a small sieve, sprinkle on half Cacao and repeat again for the top layer.
                                    ¼ cup               Cacao Powder
            7. Cover with Saran wrap and refrigerate until ready to serve.
Gluten Free LadySlippers
                  1. 1n a small bowl mix and let set for 5 minutes:
                                                      2 Tbs                         Chia seeds
                                                      6 Tbs                         Water     
                  2. Mix together in large bowl:
                                                      ½ cup                        Butter or Coconut Oil
                                                      2                                  Eggs
                                                      cup                        Sugar
                                                      2 cup                         Almond or Coconut Milk
                  3. Add:
                                                                                          Chia Seed/Water  from small bowl
                                                      1 tsp                          Vanilla
                                                      ½ tsp                         Anise Extract  or 6 drops of food grade essential oil
                  2 Add to bowl:       
                                                      2 cups                       Almond Flour
                                                      ½ cup                        Almond Meal
                                                      2 tsp                          Baking Powder
                              Bake at 350º for 20 – 30 minutes, until golden brown.

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