Ratatouille Omlette

Serves 4
1. I n a large pan on medium-low heat sauté until softened, about 10 minutes.
                2 Tbs                      Butter or Olive Oil
                2 medium               Japanese Eggplants, sliced thin with skin.
2. Add to skillet, cover and cook another 5-7 minutes.
                2 large                    Heirloom Tomatoes, cut into chunks
                3 cloves                 Garlic, minced
                1 bunch                  Cilantro, with tops cut into small pieces
                2 cups                    Spinach, fresh
3. Add and cover again, until eggs have firmed up on top and cheese melted.
                6                            Eggs
                1½ cup                  Swiss Cheese, grated and sprinkled around.
                                              Salt and Pepper to taste.

Plum Punch

I had a book signing party for my new memoir 
Stairway to Paradise: Growing Up Gershwin
and offered this punch.
1. Heat in a Medium Pot for one hour and chill:
                        1 cup               Water
                        40                    Plums, pitted
                        ½ cup              Sugar
                        3 cloves           Clove
                        8 Inches           Ginger, freshly grated
                        6 inches           Turmeric, freshly grated
                        1 stick              Cinnamon
Serve straight or add:             
                        ½ cup              Sparking Water

                        1 sprig             Mint

Marica’s Truffle

This is a variation on my daughters recipe that she serves on her PaiKu Food truck in Portland OR.

    Makes 60
1. Heat and melt in a double boiler:               
                        32 oz              Dark Chocolate
                        1½ cups          Heavy cream
                        2 tsp                Vanilla
                        8 drops            Bergamot Essential Oil, food grade (optional)
                        8 drops            Lavender Essential Oil, food grade (optional)
                                     (Inspired by the flavored, Earl Grey tea called Paris Fog)
                        1 pinch            Cayenne
                                                Salt to taste
2. Pour onto parchment paper on a cookies sheet, and spread about ½ inch thick
3. Refrigerate
4. Cut into 1 inch squares and roll into balls
5.  Dip in unsweetened cocoa powder

Non-Gluten Pizza

             I love Pizza but am very picky and now even more picky to find a good non-gluten crust. 
                                              Here is one I made that I think is really good.
Preheat oven to 350º
1. In a large bowl mix well:    
            2 ½ cups                     Almond Flour
            ½ tsp                           Baking Powder
            1 Tbs                           Parmesan
            ½ tsp                           Salt     
2. In another bowl mix well:
            4                                  Eggs
            2 Tbs                           Olive oil         
3. Mix egg mixture into flour and shape into a ball.
4. Place dough ball on a large piece of parchment paper on a flat surface. With another piece of       parchment paper on top of ball and using a rolling pin, press out dough to ¼ thickness.
5. Remove top sheet from dough. Slide onto a cookies sheet.
    Bake at 350˚ for 15 minutes and remove from oven for topping.
    Topping: This can be your choice but I have my suggestions below
6. In a medium bowl mix together:
            3 cups                         Tomatoes, canned or fresh, chopped
            1 Tsp                           Oregano
              Tbs                      Balsamic Vinegar
            1 Tbs                           Honey
7. For layering:
            2 cups                         Cheese, cheddar or Swiss       
            ½ cup                          black Olives sliced
            ½ cup                          Red Onion, sliced
8. Layer with tomato first and add topping in order given above.
    Bake again for 12 – 15 minutes or until cheese is melted.
    Garnish with: 

            ½ cup                          Parmesan

Dover Sole with Ginger Gastrique

Dover Sole with Ginger Gastrique
This is an amazing simple sauce to put over sole or jumbo scallops.
It is well worth the trouble to buy fresh ginger and fresh turmeric.
    Serves 4
1.  When ready to cook, have very fresh at room temp and dry:
                        2 lbs                Sole or (16 Scallops)
2. In a saucepan on low heat, cook for about five minutes until thickens:
                        1 Tbs               Honey
                        2 Tbs               Sherry Vinegar
            Remove to a small bowl and add (to be used over fish when cooked)
                        1 cup               Pomegranate Juice
                        2 Tbs               Ginger, freshly grated (no need to peel before grating)
                        2 Tbs               Turmeric, freshly grated (no need to peel before grating)
3. In a large pan, cut into thin slices and sauté a few minutes until just starting to brown and put aside.
                        1 medium        Leek
                        2 Tbs               Coconut Oil
5. Using the same large pan that you used for the leeks, add oil and sauté, two minutes on one side and one minute on other side
                        2 Tbs               Coconut Oil
                                                Dover Sole*
Once dished out pour sauce over the fish.
Serve over cooked brown rice or cellophane noodles
6. Garish with 1 cup               Pomegranates, fresh
* Scallops
In a large pan place cook seven scallops in two batches.
Cook for 4 minutes, flip and cook until crust starts another 2 to 3 minutes.

Add more oil if needed.

Avocado Soup

                                Serves 4
                                1. Put into blender:
                                              4                      Avocados, peeled and pitted
                                             1                       Lemon, Juice
                                             2  cups              Clear soup stock (2 bouillon cubes)
                                   Serve with:                 Crème Fraiche or Yogurt

Turmeric-Ginger Fish

                1. Marinate in large dish, for an hour or less:

                                 1 lb.     White fish, (Sole, Escolar)
                                 ½         Lemon, juiced over fish

              2. Grate into little dish:

                                2 Tbs   Turmeric, fresh
                                2 Tbs   Ginger, fresh
                       And add to mix:
                                3 Tbs   Coconut or Almond milk

            4. In a large pan heat, and add in order given:

                               1 Tbs   Coconut Oil
                                           Turmeric-ginger mixture

               Cook fish for five minutes on each side, or more 

               depending on thickness of fish  Do not over cook.