Persian Eggs with Rice

I was so inspired to make this wonderful dish from a more traditional 
Persian rice recipe and it was well worth it.
Serves 4 to 6
1. In a large pan Scramble and set aside:         
           6                      Eggs
           2 Tbs               Coconut Oil
2. In same pan sauté:                                      
           2 Tbs               Coconut Oil
           1 large             Onion, until translucent
3. Add and cook:                                            
            ¼ cup              Pistachios, chopped
            ¼ cup              Almond, sliced
            ⅓ cup             Dried Apricots, minced
4. Add and mix together:                                
             2 cups             Rice, cooked
             ¼ cup              Water
             1 tsp                Cumin, ground
             1 tsp                Cardamom, ground
             ½ tsp               Cinnamon, ground
             ½ tsp               Saffron powder (mixed with 2 Tbs hot water)
                                     Salt and Pepper to taste
5. Return Eggs to pan and mix in until reheated.
6. Garnish with:                                              
             ¼ cup              Pistachios, chopped               
             ¼ cup              Almonds, sliced
             ¼ cup              Pomegranate (optional)

Serve with:                                                      
             2 cups             Yogurt, plain